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Empower & Relieve

Hormometer is an evidence-based and data-driven digital solution to empower midlife women for personalized menopause relief.

Our mission is to empower women to overcome midlife challenges for healthier and happier lives!

WHY--Unmet Need

Every woman will go through menopause around midlife when hormone levels begin to fall. In the U.S., every day 6000 women reach menopause, that is 2 million per year. Globally there will be 1.1 billion menopausal women by 2025. Of that, 75% women will suffer from debilitating symptoms, like hot flashes, night sweats, insomnia etc.

Current remedies are based on trial and error, not individual women's personal hormone changes. Most are not always effective, some are even harmful. Thus leading to frustrated customers-- NO clue what to do, just suffering. A better and more effective data-driven digital solution is needed.

Our Innovative Solution

Hormometer is biosensor patch connected with mobile app. Based on real time personal hormonal data profile, hormometer app provides users exactly what to do list as "personal coach" to help with hormone level improvement /stability for menopause relief.

With Hormometer, the most important benefit is lowering safety risk of HRT by 25% and/or reducing symptoms' severity by 60% and up, allowing menopausal women living healthier and happier lives!

Hormometer is for peri/menopausal women who suffer from debilitating symptoms. Hormometer app will show you "what to expect "and "what to do to manage".